The truth of "Customer Satisfaction Index" in Auto Industry

Does the most discussed C.S.I factor contribute to a common customer in the decision-making process in sales or aftersales? For a common customer, he still needs to gather information in the traditional way! Certainly, the CSI measurement is beneficial- for whom and how - read more.

A large number of acute details go into grabbing the eyeballs of the customer’s, cultivating their interest and ensuring the more tedious task of maintaining that interest in the auto industry. In order to maintain the interest, there needs to be the pre-requisite of customer satisfaction to ensure customer retention. The Customer satisfaction index is a unique measurement framework that comprehensively gives the diagnostics and benchmarks of an auto organization in both the aspects of sales and services. The objective of setting up this index was to ease up the decision making for the customer’s when it comes to finalizing an auto organization from a large number of contemporaries in this industry.

Finding that sales and service partner that caters to the entire Auto needs of the customer can be a tedious task considering the number of competition prevalent in the industry. Hence CSI can be deemed as a go-to tool for the customers to turn to.

But the exigent methods of acquiring CSI lack clarity and require a more extensive approach in order to bridge the gap between the manufacturer’s vision and the objective of providing the services to customers by the industry. The current method of gauging and surveying the customer satisfaction and setting the score does not truly declare the high scorers as the best and the low scorers as lacking in ability.

This may be due to various factors like the organization in question treating potential survey customers better than the normal customers or the lack of participation of the customers in the data collection process. Helping the customers to find a medium to voice their opinions and ensuring a non-biased environment while conducting this is of utmost importance.

It is crucial that the reviews obtained for this index are not influenced or marred by variable treatment towards the customers wherein the potential survey candidates are subjected to favors like more liberal warranty policies. This greatly tampers with the result and makes it difficult for the customers to find a way to finalize and place their trust in the best service provider. A consistent sales and service run irrespective of the customer in question can ensure a fabrication free and legit conclusion aided by CSI.

Steps must be undertaken to ensure that the surveys involve more than just the customers with specific ownership period only. CSI survey eligibility needs to be the entire period where the vehicle is associated with the manufacturer recommended network. The acumen of the auto business owner, the diligent course of action undertaken by the manufacturer and the delivery standards executed by the dealers are the factors that truly decide the measure of customer satisfaction and prevent the tarnishing of the brand name. There is a definite need to standardize the dealer network to ensure that the customer experience isn’t fickle when it comes to flitting from one dealer to another.

The dependence of potential customers on the reviews provided by previous customers by word of mouth can be digitalized to increase the reach and influence of the reviews. Adapting towards an approach that ensures easy and transparent feedback collection with the aid of technology has definitely become the need of the hour. This modus operandi can ensure a well-rounded conclusion on the quality of the sales and services provided by an organization in the auto industry.

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